A definition for ministry team in the context of the Vine Grove Baptist Church is, “a group of people who desire to serve Christ using their spiritual gifts, natural abilities, learned skills, and talents for service within the church and for missions outside the church.”

In His wisdom, God has matched His people with the right personality, spiritual gifts, interests, and abilities to minister inside and outside the church (1 Cor. 3:7-9).

A Ministry Team is:

A Small Number of People, Who Have Complementary, Christ Focused, Gifts and Talents and are Committed to:

· A Common Purpose and Vision
· Each Others’ Growth and Success
· Shared Specific Performance Goals
· A Common Plan of Action
· Holding Each Other Mutually Accountable

The small number — keeps them flexible
The complementary skills — give them ability to produce results
The shared goal — sets their purpose and direction

VGBC Ministry Teams serve under five categories of ministry. Each category has several support teams that will function for their specific need, but will have the same purpose and vision as the Ministry Team it serves under.

· Worship Ministry Team
· Christian Education Ministry Team
· Fellowship/Events Ministry Team
· Service Ministry Team
· Administration Ministry Team
Opportunities to Serve

Ministry isn’t just for pastors!
Every believer should be involved in ministry—serving and caring for others.
At VGBC there are plenty of opportunities to fulfill your God-given purpose.
Share the gifts God has given you!